Our first trees!

At last! After a hectic few weeks’ fund-raising among our members we were finally able to bring home our first batch of fruit trees and begin the work of digging them into the orchard field before spring caught up with us.

First planning Meg + HFirst planting trees

After digging out and staking the beds for the central circle, four trees were planted in the four corners of the compass and an appropriate blessing of Devon cider champagne was applied to trees and diggers alike.

First planting ciderSome instructions from Daverick and the work of our orchard had truly begun.

First planting all First planting circle

Almost every member of the orchard (24 of us) took part in the planting, along with many helpful children and dogs. We don’t think our trees could have had a better start in life.

First planting Esther+C First planting Dav IshFirst planting MDSAmore planting

It’s hard to believe how quickly it all happened in the end – over just two weekends an empty field has been transformed into a growing resource for our community,  with over 60 fruit trees in the ground – apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots and one optimistic peach in the topmost corner.


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writer, educator, commentator, hill runner, moor and mountain lover, sometime poet
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